Jonestown Hershey Rally

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The Rally will be held at Jonestown Hershey NE KOA Journey, located at 11 Lickdale Rd, Jonestown, PA 17038, GPS Coordinates 40.45214548928303, -76.51143403274895.

The Rally starts on Monday September 16th, 2024 and ends Thursday, September 19th, 2024. To register for the Rally, please call Andrea Smith, the General Manager of the Jonestown Hershey NE KOA Journey, at (717) 865-6411. Tell Andrea you are registering for the ‘Facebook View Group’. Campground fees are $55 a night for full hookups. If you need a longer site, the fee is $58. There will be a $20 fee per coach, $10 for a single person coach, payable by Venmo ( @MaryLSoro-CA ).  There will be NO refunds on the Rally fee, after initial registration, unless a party takes your place. payment must be made immediately after registration at the KOA.

After registering with the KOA, please complete the Participation form located at . The Agenda Page will be pasted here on the Support Group Website. . Rally attendees are requested to wear their name tags at the Rally.

The ‘Campground Map’ is available on the KOA website ( and Here.