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The area for the rally is very flat and is the size of 9 or 10 football fields. The area can accommodate a large number of rigs without being crowded.  There is an almost mythic attribute of going to Quartzsite in the fact that its in the desert, you have to dry camp. It’s perceived as being in the boondocks. In fact, it has as more services nearby than most State Parks, National Parks or Monuments or National Forest Service Campgrounds.

Several thousand people stay in Quartzsite during the winter. Quartzsite is not in the boondocks during the winter. There are grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks, firewood vendors, laundromats, propane vendors, gas stations, water and sewer stations, (some free some for a fee), pretty much anything you would want or need. Like any location that has a carnival atmosphere, or attracts thousand s of people from all over the country, the services in Q are not bargain basement priced.

Laundry and Groceries

Arriving with a well stocked pantry and freezer is a good idea, as the grocery stores in town should be well stocked (there could be supply chain issues) but the prices are high, the lines are long and the parking lots are crowded. There are several good restaurants in town but like any ‘resort’ town, getting in may take time.

There is a very nice laundry in town, where you and your laundry can get clean. Main Street Laundromat and Showers is located at 205 E Main Street, Right across from the Roadrunner Market. The Roadrunner Market, in addition to selling meat and produce, has a wide selection of spirits, wine and beer.

Sewer Water and Garbage

There are no hookups at the location. Make sure you arrive with a full water tank and empty black and grey tanks. There is a dump station and potable water to the south at the La Posa South LTVA Welcome Center. Use of the facility is included in the $40 fee. Lines are impressive at the water and dumps station at La Pose South, but during off hours there may only be one or two coaches using the facility. There is a privately owned fresh water and dump station, for a fee, in town.

La Posa South LTVA Welcome Center  Coordinates (Dump & Water)
  Decimal Degrees GPS Lat Long
North 33.62653 33 37.5918 33° 37’ 35.508”
West -114.21708 -114 13.0248 -114° 13’ 1.4874”

Participants are advised to bring a 5 gallon water container (Collapsible are convenient) to refill water. Individuals with Toads have been very generous in the past, and have filled water jugs for those that would have to otherwise move. Be kind and generous.

(Stansport Outdoor 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier)

All three tanks on our coaches have an approximate 30 gallon capacity. That potentially allows the potable water tank to be filled several times, before you need to dump.

The BLM will have dumpsters to dump your trash in while you are camped. They are located at the dump site at La Posa South and near the entrance gate at La Posa North.


Propane is available at the 76 Station near the corner of Main Street and North Central Boulevard. There is a Quick Check market at the location also. Additionally, the RV Pit Stop has water, dump and propane available, and is located at 425 N Central Boulevard.

Diesel Fuel

There are at least six locations in Quartzsite where diesel is sold. The 76 Station is the closest. There are Chevron’s Arco, Exxon and a Love’s travel center (west side of town)

Charging Batteries

Attending Quartzsite for a couple of days does not require a slew of Solar Panels on the roof. If you use your generator to keep your batteries charged, please use common sense, be courteous, and use the generator during hours common to Federal, State and Local parks.  The high generator use area is generally near the fence towards the big tent, and the low generator use is generally towards the electrical line at the south of our area. Please be considerate regarding those suggested areas.

Many participants will have solar of some kind. If you have fixed solar with an angle adjustment arm, park facing east or west and do not fall off the roof. You’re not close to a hospital. The sun is very low in the sky in January, and PV systems will not generate as much power as during the summer. Lithium batteries only store energy. If your power consumption is high, please position your coach in the appropriate generator use area. This is when portable panels out perform fixed panels.


Accuweather’s forecast for Quartzsite in January predicts weather from a low of 40° to a high of 68°. It’s the desert. The weather can be sunny, cloudy, windy, calm, rainy or dry (Sometimes all in one day). When it’s not raining, there is dust. Prepare for any eventuality and it will work out.