Quartzsite Name Tag and Rally Sticker Request

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Agenda Electrical Management Name Tag/Sticker Request

Please use the form below to request Name Tags and/or a Rally Sticker. The items will be mailed to you after payment is received. The deadline for payment is December 15, 2024.

There is a $5 charge for each name tag or sticker. Two name tags and a sticker are $15. The cost includes postage. The name tags are printed on both sides, are laminated, and come with a lanyard. The nametag is a permanent name tag and is utilized at Partner View Navion Rallies. Name Tags and Stickers will not be distributed at Quartzsite.

Quartzsite Name Tag - Sticker Request
Use the name you would like on the name tag.
If none, please enter None. Use the name you would like on the name tag.
Enter enough information to guarentee a package can be mailed to you.
When you make your payment, please note if it is for Membership, Renewal, Name Tags, a Sticker, or Name tag(s) and sticker. Payment must be made by December 15, 2024.

There is no requirement to renew or join the V/N Rally Support Group.  The V/N Rally Support Group provides name tags and Rally Stickers at Rallies, but not gatherings.

Thank you.