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Registration for the 2023 Grand National Rally is open. Please visit The Winnebago Registration Site to start the registration process.

The Theme of this years Grand National Rally is “Camp Winnebago”. For over 50 years, Winnebago has been welcoming owners home to Forest City, Iowa for their annual gathering and celebration of Winnebago brand RVs and their owners. Participants in the event will have the opportunity to meet Winnebago employees, enjoy great entertainment, educational seminars, and see why there is no other RV brand quite like Winnebago.

Registration is now open for the Rally (July 16-20, 2023). Pre-rally parking will begin on Wednesday, July 12.  The View Navion Special WIT Group has arranged for a larger tent and more tables, and anticipates providing seminars, refreshments and beverages for participants at the Row Party, thanks to the individuals who joined the View Navion Special WIT Group in the last year. This year Rally stickers will be distributed to participants for free, courtesy of the View Navion WIT Special Group. Additionally, anyone who joins the Special Group, or renews their membership in the Special Group, will receive the permanent View Navion Rally name tags, if needed.

Since registration for GNR is open, and Winnebago does not share registration with our group, please use the View Navion Participation Form, to provide us with a better idea of who will be participating so we can be prepared. Please also take this opportunity join the Special Group ($20), or to order nametags ($5).