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Team Assignments

Date of List: December 06, 2023

Team assignments are subject to change, as conditions and people’s lives change. Names in italics are pending.

Name Tags and Rally Stickers

The following will distribute Name Tags, Rally Stickers and administer those who did not make prior arrangements.

  • Amy Atkinson,
  • Jayne Herring,
  • Laura Baranowski
  • Diana Marcinek DeGraaf

Pancake Breakfast Team

Ticket taker – Plates and Napkins Station

  • Chris Lavers
  • Larry Mauriello

Coffee Station

  • Cindy Aquino


  •  Becky Cranney
  •  Sally Irmiger
  •  Brenda Harris


  •   Mel Porter
  •   Edwina Burt
  •   Robert  Price

Pancake Grillers

  •  Bryan Lavers
  •  Alan Cranney
  •  Tim Sneider
  •  Marshall Porter
  •  Everett DeGraaf
  •  Ed Keebler
  •  Bob Swor
  •  Mike Moscarrelli
  •  Jerry Johnson
  •  Richard Wiley

Sausage Station

  •  Kathleen Fox
  •  Bonnie Rose

Syrup & Butter Station

  •  Julie Norden
  •  Betty Johnson

Clean up Squad

  •  Pam Wheeler
  •  Diana DeGraaf
  •  Terry Mueller
  • Renee Osuna
  • Cindy Aquino

Crew Member