Flat Panel Replacement

By Robert Oakman and Bob Kelly
February 11, 2021

The original panels, prior to removal.

Rob Oakman has a 19D with flat ‘flexible’ solar panels mounted on the roof. When Winnebago manufactured the unit, they did not install flat flexible Zamp Panels, and substituted SunPower panels. The rest of the system is Zamp products. Rob was concerned amount the heat transferred to the roof, and the subsequent potential damage to the roof, i.e.: crazing and discoloration of the fiberglass, and opted to replace the panels mounted on the roof. The panels worked perfectly, both before and after removal. Read more “Flat Panel Replacement”

Do You Need Solar?


Talking about solar and RV’s first is premature. Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Panels – PV’s) are a method of generating energy for storage. They are only one of a number of options to generate electricity with a RV.

We should understand energy first. There are three components regarding a RV.

  • Generation (production)
  • Usage (consumption)
  • Storage

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Solar Install

By Bob Kelly 2019

Solar Install

This kit from Amazon is a good start. It contains three panels, support feet, a through roof appliance with compression connections, wire from the panels to the controller, a controller, and wires from the controller to the batteries/inverter.


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