Things to Do in Michigan

By Scott Ellis 2018

I’ve been asked to list things to do in Michigan.  With any of these items listed you are encouraged to do your own research.  It is by no means a complete list of things to do in Michigan.

Keep in mind that the pronunciation of some of these places are Native American words spelled by the French and English. That’s why Mackinac is pronounced the same as Mackinaw.  Up North and Northern Michigan means the same thing.  Generally, it is north of Bay City and south of the Mackinac Bridge.  The Upper Peninsula is north of Northern Michigan.  Go figure.

The Lower Peninsula (LP) is shaped like a mitten.  Many references to places in Michigan (MI) use this guide, such as the Thumb area.  As kids we would place our left hand on a paper and trace it to make the outline of this half of the state.  Other abbreviations I use are: UP for the Upper Peninsula, SP for state park, NP for National Park and CG for campground. Read more “Things to Do in Michigan”