Upper Brake Light Replacement

By Bob Swor
March 31, 2010

My fellow travelers have been complaining about my partially burned out LED upper brake light for two years. An OEM replacement for just one side was $40. I located two lamps on Amazon, and went with the two for $20 route. Thanks for the tips from Bob Kelly and Kent Gardam. The bonus with the new light is that has bright & less bright capability. This means I could add the turn signal function to the lamp. The extra red wire (turn) on the new light gets fished down the aluminum corner channel and connected to the amber turn signal light in the bumper. Read more “Upper Brake Light Replacement”

Slideout Repair on an 08VH

Information supplied by Ginny Dziadosz
March 31, 2020


The Slide-out failed when we were extending it. The motor continued to run in both directions but the slide did not move in either direction. The owner was able to move the slide in/out by using a crescent wrench to rotate the Slide-out’s drive shaft. The drive shaft is accessible above the Propane tank fill connection.

With the encouragement of several folks on the Yahoo View/Navion forum the owner decided to repair this himself. He stated it was easy to do, except that it was not fun having to work under the slide out – his knees were not what they used to be. Read more “Slideout Repair on an 08VH”