Winterizing Navion 24G

Winterizing Navion 24G
Winterizing Procedure
RV Antifreeze

By Jeff Utschig October 30, 2019

Initial Steps

  • Level the Motorhome so that it drains properly.
  • Drain Fresh Water Tank and Waterlines. Open all waterline drain valves and the fresh water tank drain. These valves are located outside in the “water service center.”
  • Drain Exterior Shower and lay shower head on ground to drain.
  • Place the tip of your finger into the city water inlet and gently press the backflow valve “button” in the center of the inlet to drain any water trapped in the inlet line.

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View/Navion Power Systems – Major Components

Prepared by Edwin E. Irving (

September 2, 2010
Revised 9/19/10
Revised 3/22/12
Revised 5/8/12
Revised 5/27/12


I want to thank Elden DuRand for preparing the CAD drawing which is part of this description and for helping me to better understand operation of the major components. Thanks too to Byron for his patient responses to my questions requiring detailed explanations of the electrical component operations. I also derived editorial information from Capt. “Ed” and Ed Von Gehr; and from others who have added helpful input during the many discussions of this subject over the years. Introduction: Read more “View/Navion Power Systems – Major Components”

Air Conditioning Overview

by Koert DuBois 2015

To make a decision on the practicality of air conditioning, you really need to get a math/physics expert to create a chart that determines a desirable (goal) temperature (mostly based on humidity) and then compute how much cooling energy is required to achieve the goal temperature in different situations (temperature, humidity, sunshine being the main variables) and then how much cooling energy can be provided by the fuel tank. Read more “Air Conditioning Overview”

Utilities for a RV

By Bob Kelly

I realized that a RV is not a large SUV with more space.

I returned from a 6,800 mile trip that started in mid July 2019. I brought my nieces, who are new to RV’s, with me. There were a couple of things at the end of the trip, after 30 days of traveling, that provided insight as to why some new RV owners are timid/encounter problems with dry camping or boondocking. It was one of those AHA! moments. I’m sorry that I never saw the component before. Read more “Utilities for a RV”