Generator Choice, Propane or Diesel?

By Bob Kelly, November 2019

“Which generator should I look for when selecting an RV?” is a question often asked. The answer to that question really depends upon the type of camping you do. If you have occasional generator use, the propane generator is cheaper to buy, the cost of the propane is minimal, and availability of propane doesn’t actually matter.


If you boondock, or dry camp all the time, it depends upon what you want to run. Running the generator in the morning for coffee or a skillet, and in the evening for the microwave, you still have low 120V consumption, the propane will be OK.

If you have Solar on the roof to charge the batteries, it will diminish the need to recharge the house batteries if you stay in one place, don’t drive, for an extended period. My 300W of solar kept my batteries charged all summer (The Cole Hershee relay for charging was broken). Read more “Generator Choice, Propane or Diesel?”

Propane Regulators:

By Len Casella

How much LP flow do you need from the regulator?

An LP generator uses about 65,000 BTU/hr.; the Furnace about 35,000 BTU/hr.; Water Heater 12,000 BTU/hr. and Refrigerator 1,500 BTU/hr. for a total of less than 115,000 BTU/Hr. if all are running concurrently. All the regulators I listed below provide a minimum of 175,000 BTU/Hr.

The propane regulators installed on the Views and Navions have all been 2-Stage, 11” horizontal mounted propane regulators. Up though 2012, the regulators were supplied by Marshall-Excelsior and usually the model was a MEGR-290-1. These are no longer available. Some models of 2007-2010 Views and Navions may have two regulators. Probably those with the LP generator, parts documentation provided by Winnebago has improved over the years so some of the early data is not as complete. For the RVs with two regulators, one is the same part number as the regulator on the 2011 and 2012 Navions and Views, Winnebago Part Number 106150-06. The second regulator listed has a Winnebago Part number of 106150-05 and I cannot confirm the manufacture or model number for those. Winnebago switched to Fairview Regulators, specifically model FF-KIT7 in 2012, for some models made after Feb 2012. All models newer than that date have the Fairview regulator installed. The Winnebago Part Number for those is 182-108-02. Winnebago Outdoors lists part number 182-108-02 as a Fairview FF-KIT7. Fairview does not have that model on their inventory, they confirmed that the model designation is specific to Winnebago but it is a model GR-9959 regulator. Read more “Propane Regulators:”