Compressor Refrigerator

By Leonard Casella – November 2019

Compressor refrigerator owners – DE-0061 and DC-0061.

The DC version only has the 12VDC connection, it does not have the 120AC connection – that appears to be the only difference.

Why doesn’t your refrigerator work when voltage drops to 12.2 volts or lower?

Answer, it’s designed that way! Read more “Compressor Refrigerator”

Registration Title and Tax Info

by Ojciec Dyrektora, November 2019

Typical Costs When Purchasing a Vehicle

  • Registration Fee: Your state will charge you a certain amount to register your vehicle under your name. Vehicle registration fees are all over the map. Some states have a flat rate, while others base the fee on the weight, age or value of the vehicle. Don’t delay! Many states charge extra fees for late registration. One more thing: You might be able to get a vehicle registration tax deduction.
  • License Plate Fee: The license plate cost might be included in your registration, or billed separately. Some states allow you to transfer license plates from your old car to your new one, while others require brand-new plates.
  • Title Transfer Fee: This is a legal document showing the owner of a vehicle. When you buy a car, you’ll need to transfer the title from the previous owner or dealer to you.
  • Lien Recording Fee: If you have a lien on the car (aka a loan), the DMV may charge you to record that lien on the title.
  • Documentation Fee: Auto dealers typically charge their own fees to do all the vehicle-purchase paperwork. Some states place a cap on these fees.
  • Sales Tax: Most states charge sales tax on vehicles. Below, we list the state tax rate, although your city or county government may add its own sales tax as well.
  • Personal Property Tax: Some states require you to pay an annual tax on the value of your vehicle. We’ll review the vehicle property tax for each state in the table below.
  • Emissions/Inspection Fees: States typically require a vehicle to be inspected when you purchase it and may require emissions testing too.
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Fees: Because hybrid/EV owners pay few or no fuel taxes, many states charge them extra fees.

Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Costs by State

A few notes: These car registration fees are for passenger cars only; states charge different fees for RVs, trucks, antique cars, etc. The numbers we found are current as of 2019, but it’s smart to check the current numbers with your state department of motor vehicles.

Fees by state

Generator Choice, Propane or Diesel?

By Bob Kelly, November 2019

“Which generator should I look for when selecting an RV?” is a question often asked. The answer to that question really depends upon the type of camping you do. If you have occasional generator use, the propane generator is cheaper to buy, the cost of the propane is minimal, and availability of propane doesn’t actually matter.


If you boondock, or dry camp all the time, it depends upon what you want to run. Running the generator in the morning for coffee or a skillet, and in the evening for the microwave, you still have low 120V consumption, the propane will be OK.

If you have Solar on the roof to charge the batteries, it will diminish the need to recharge the house batteries if you stay in one place, don’t drive, for an extended period. My 300W of solar kept my batteries charged all summer (The Cole Hershee relay for charging was broken). Read more “Generator Choice, Propane or Diesel?”

Part Numbers for Borg Stems.

By Vic Tagawa, November 2019

Part numbers for Borg stems.

If your Sprinter has Steel inner dual wheels & Steel outer dual wheels with Oval holes 3.5″ x 1.75″ in the outer wheel your kit is the DL1SP16

If your Sprinter has Steel inner dual wheels & Steel outer dual wheels with Oval/ Round alternating holes oval size is 3″ x 1.25″ in the outer wheel your kit is the DL1SP Read more “Part Numbers for Borg Stems.”