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Cabinet Latch Alternative – D Gerrelts
Cabinet latch alternative (3)

Emergency Jack Retraction PDF HWH Levelers – M Stern
Emergency Jack Retraction – HWH® Corporation

Overnight Parking –  J.J. Kosmider
ViewandNavionMemberOvernight Parking 11.15.2022 

Resetting Oil Service Light – J Utschig
Sprinter, Resetting Oil Service Light 


One Place Reset

By Tom Land
May 2, 2021

Below is the procedure to reset the One Place controller in the View/Navion.

  • Hold down for 10 seconds: pump, tank, and battery buttons simultaneously.
  • The unit’s software version will display.
  • Press and release the ‘pump’ button.
  • Press and release the ‘battery’ button.

Complete – should now show correct tanks, etc.

Acceptable Sprinter Fuel

by Kent Gardam
April 30, 2022

All diesel fuel legally available for “on road” use has to be ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel). That label should be on the pump.

You may occasionally encounter cheaper diesel fuel labeled “For Off Road Use Only”. That fuel does not have the highway taxes included and is illegal to use for “on road” driving. Don’t use it.

If you also see a “Diesel #2” label that’s great, use it.

If you see a “B5” label that is perfectly acceptable too.

If you see a “B20” label then Mercedes recommends that you minimize its use (an occasional tankful is fine) but if that’s all you have available as a regular diet then you need to do oil changes, oil filter changes, and fuel filter changes twice as often as your Sprinter manual recommends.

If you see an orange “Biomass” sticker on the pump DO NOT USE THAT FUEL. Mercedes does not approve use of that fuel at this time. Perhaps in the future they will but not now.

If you see a “Renewable Diesel” sticker on the pump DO NOT USE THAT FUEL. Mercedes does not approve use of that fuel at this time. Perhaps in the future they will but not now.

Fort DeSoto Park Campground

by Larry Galantis

Here is a cheat sheet for Fort De Soto Park Campground .

Water Sites;

5 Star – 103, 105, 107, 109, 130, 116

3 Star – 134, 132, 131, 115, 101, 99, 91,87.

2 Star Water Access – 142, 143,145,149,150,151, 128,136,137, 138, 138,137, 136, 135, 134 (close to sea wall to fish),


Site 87 is wide, and is the closest site to the entrance. It has lots of grass between the site and water

Best Playgrounds Site 123, and 125, but Site 125 has no water access.

Sites 128, 129. 130, 131, 132, 133 are by a playground, and a kayak launch spot, but with a restricted view.

Sites 131, 132, 133, 134 are by the playground, and are rated 5-3 star water access. 132 is the best of both worlds if you want playground and water.

Sites 142, 143, 144, 145 and 149 have kayak access.

Sites 142 and 143 little to no shade

Sites 151-152 also have kayak access.

Sites 200 to 206 are also on a seawall but kayak friendly.

Sites 209 and 210 are also kayak friendly, but 209 has an obstructed view. Site 210 has a limited view.

Sites 216 and 217 have kayak access with obstructed views.

Sites 229 through 231 have kayak access with obstructed views.

128-133 by playground AND kayak launch spot butwith restricted view.

142-145 and 149 kayak access. 142-143 little to no shade

151-152 also have kayak access. 200 to 206 also on a seawall but kayak friendly.209 and 210 also kayak friendly but 209 has obstructed view 210 has limited view.

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Slideout Repair on an 08VH

Information supplied by Ginny Dziadosz
March 31, 2020


The Slide-out failed when we were extending it. The motor continued to run in both directions but the slide did not move in either direction. The owner was able to move the slide in/out by using a crescent wrench to rotate the Slide-out’s drive shaft. The drive shaft is accessible above the Propane tank fill connection.

With the encouragement of several folks on the Yahoo View/Navion forum the owner decided to repair this himself. He stated it was easy to do, except that it was not fun having to work under the slide out – his knees were not what they used to be. Read more “Slideout Repair on an 08VH”