Purchasing Decisions

by Kent Gardam 2015

New or Used?

Which floorplan is right for you?

If you have decided the View or Navion is the RV you want, then those are the two big questions a prospective owner needs to answer.

Let’s start with the second one first. You need to consider how you will use the RV.

  • What are your (and your partner’s) sleeping patterns?
  • How long/wide a bed do you need?
  • Do you both go to bed and/or get up at the same time?
  • Do you get up during the night?
  • Are you willing to crawl up and down a ladder?

Those things may seem inconsequential at home but can be a large factor in your enjoyment of your RV. Give them careful consideration as to how they affect the floorplan that is right for you.

  • Will you cook in or eat out while RVing? Kitchen size is important to consider.
  • Do you want a dinette or is a couch a better choice?
  • One larger living area or separated spaces?
  • Do you watch TV and if so is it located somewhere that isn’t a “pain in the neck” to see?

There are lots of things to think about and the best advice is to try out the various floor plans to see which one best fits your lifestyle. Lie down in the beds to see if they are comfortable for you. Pretend to cook a meal. Watch TV. Relax. Etc. Don’t just do a quick “walk through” and admire the colors but pretend to actually live in the RV. Take your time.

And now the first question:

New or Used?

New has it’s advantages:

  • everything is shiny and scratch/dent free.
  • You are covered by a warranty to fix things that may not work correctly.
  • You get to make choices in the RV and its colors that make it yours, not what the original owner decided they wanted.
  • Many upgrades have been done by Winnebago over the model years to make the RV more user friendly.

Used has its advantages:

  • the previous owner probably has worked out any “bugs” in the RV’s systems.
  • the diesel engine may not require Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF).
  • a gas engine was available one year if that’s your preference.
  • a floorplan that is best for you may only be available on a used model.

There’s a lot to consider in making the choice of the right V/N for you. Take your time, do your homework, and be sure to make the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU.