RV Pre-Drive Checklist

Outside area:

  • Clear campsite:
    • Pack chairs, loungers
    • Pack BBQ
    • Pack hammocks
    • Pack stuff on picnic table, tablecloth
    • Pack tent or screen room
    • Pack clothesline and hanging clothes, towels, shoes
    • Load bikes on rack and lock

Inside RV:

  • Close all coach windows (check bedroom)
  • Close all vents (check bathroom)
  • Throw away trash
  • Nothing on counters or table to slide off
  • Close and latch all cabinets (check pantry for secure shelving)
  • Turn water heater off
  • Turn water pump off
  • Turn generator off
  • Turn coach master electrical switch on (for fridge)
  • Turn LP on (for fridge)
  • Make sure chassis battery is connected

Outside RV and before driving away:

  • Slide in (turn switch to off afterwards)
  • Awning in
  • Unplug trickle charger or electrical (stow EMS and lock)
  • Unplug water (stow filter and hose)
  • Disconnect sewer (stow hose, make sure valves are closed)
  • Close and lock outside storage compartments
  • Load kids and dog
  • Drive off and pack leveling blocks

(When storing RV:)

  • Turn LP off
  • Turn master coach electrical switch off
  • Disconnect chassis battery (near gas pedal)
  • Turn fridge off and open doors
  • Connect coach batteries to trickle charger