Reset Oil Service Light

By Jeff Utschig
March 24, 2022

Instructions for resetting the Oil Service Indicator on a 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

  1. Turn the key to the ON position • DO NOT start the vehicle • Wait for computer to setup
  2. On the circular interface – left side of steering wheel Press the LEFT MENU button to display MILEAGE (if not already displayed)
  3. Push the ▲ UP button to display the SERVICE-WRENCH ICON
  4. Hold down the 0 button – left of the tachometer – until you hear a beep • This could take ~ 15 – 30 seconds
  5. Then press RIGHT MENU button – on the same circular interface • Until the screen below is displayed
  6. Press the ▲ UP arrow until you see the SERVICE-WRENCH ICON again
  7. Briefly press and release the O button again • COMPLETE SERVICE will be the highlighted choice • Leave that as the choice
  8. Press the ▲ UP arrow until you see the display CONFIRM COMPLETE SERVICE & RESET 3S
  9. Press and HOLD the O button for ~ 3 seconds to reset
  10. It will then display SERVICE CONFIRMED
  11. Checking the service interval display (via the UP arrow) • Should display 20,000 miles

A You Tube Video on Resetting the oil light (Click Here)

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