Truma Cleaning Mode Reset

By Tom McAllister
March 24, 2022

Please follow the instructions below to clear your Truma Hot Water Heater from Cleaning Mode.


  • Power to the unit must be on from the main panel
  • The outside switch needs to be in the “ON” position
  • Turn rotary dial on inside switch to “ECO” or “Comfort” mode (these are the top 2 positions on the switch)
  • Open all the hot water faucets in the vehicle- let the water run until the yellow light stops flashing, this could take 15 minutes or so. (probably should be hooked to city water) (During this time you will hear the circulation pump turning off and on in approx. 30 second intervals this is normal. The burner will not ignite)
  • Once the inside switch stops flashing turn off water
  • Turn rotary dial to the “off” position
  • Turn the rocker switch on the AquaGo to the “off” position wait 30 seconds
  • Turn rocker switch on the AquaGo back on
  • Turn the rotary dial to the “ECO” or “Comfort” mode
  • The unit should work normally at this time.

Waking up the dial:
After completing this process, if you notice the dial light is not turning on, please slowly rotate the dial clockwise then counter clockwise until the dial lights up.

Truma Error Code List

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